Maui Jim

Vivid colors, improved clarity, and crisp detail—these are the words used around the world to describe one of the most popular sunglass brands out there. Maui Jim sunglasses are created on the Hawaiian Islands and are made to change the way you see the world in all of its splendor and beauty. This fashionable and desirable brand brings with some of the most reliable and expertly made lenses out there. The Maui Jim lenses offer glare elimination, color enhancement, lens protection, and most importantly: eye protection.

Our team here at Brenart Eye Clinic loves Maui Jim sunglasses, and so do our patients. We brought them in because we recognized the pure quality that Maui Jim puts into every single one of their lenses. Not only do they bring quality and reliability, but they are super fashionable and stylish as well. You just shouldn’t go on any outdoor adventures without them!

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