WHAT ARE Cataracts?

Cataracts are a leading cause of vision issues for people over 40 and are one of the main causes of blindness.

A cataract is a clouding of the eye, specifically in the eye’s lens behind the pupil, caused by proteins clumping together. There are different kinds of cataracts, and they can have different causes. Aging or other medical conditions can contribute to the development of cataracts in your eyes.

Cataracts can start small and develop slowly. It may not even be noticeable at first, or you may notice a slight blur to your vision. You may only notice symptoms when looking at bright lights. Cataracts can continue to worsen, and you may only feel the effects once it is well developed.

Cataract Screening & Treatment

Regular eye exams and consultations with your optometrist are the best method of identifying cataracts and their severity. Cataract surgery can help improve vision for many patients.  At Brenart Eye Clinic, we offer state of the art surgical options including implants to correct for astigmatism, reading and distance.  Schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss an individual treatment plan for you. 

If you think you may have cataracts, contact us at (630)-553-6166 today to discuss your options with our optometrists, or schedule your appointment below.

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