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Did you know that Brenart carries great polarized sunglasses for men and women that retail for only $90.00?
Well, we do. The brand is INVU and part of the Europa Eyewear line joining us for a Fall Trunk Show on October 18th.

INVU is one of the top-selling sunglass brands worldwide crafting affordable, fashionable eyewear. Enjoy GLARE-FREE VISION with MULTI-LAYER LENS TECHNOLOGY. Whether you need sunglasses for fashion, sport, or both, there’s an INVU for you. Their unique nine-layer lens selectively filters out reflected glare and offers clear, glare-free vision with high contrast and exceptional color perception.

  • Ultra Polarizer (Glare Blocker)
  • Color Enhancement (Boosts Brilliance & Contrast)
  • UV Filter (Blocks Harmful Rays, Offers Protection)
  • Impact Resistance (Absorbs Physical Shock, Great for Sports)
  • Anti-Scratch (Long-Lasting Enjoyment)

We currently have a fresh selection in stock too. These are great for contact wearers and as second pairs. View our latest inventory of INVU – Remember, NO APPOINTMENT IS NEEDED TO CHECK OUT OUR OPTICAL SHOP!


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