Dear valued patients,


Per CDC recommendations and in the best interest of our patients we have postponed all routine eye care for the next 14 days. If it has not already been rescheduled, we will be calling you. Given the expected demand for post-quarantine care we recommend you schedule now if you are able.


Urgent issues are still being addressed, please call us at 630-553-6166 if you have an issue that needs to be addressed, this number is monitored 24 hours a day.


Medication, contact lens, and eyeglasses are being refilled and delivered. If you need any of these things please call us at the above number during business hours and press 5 for medication concerns, 4 for glasses and contacts.


Existing patients, if you have broken your glasses or run out of contacts please reach out, issues can often be addressed based on information from your previous visit.


Delivery of materials is available curbside, to contact us for curb-side pickups please call (630) 538-6571 (only monitored during open hours).


Business hours are currently modified to Monday – Friday 10am-3pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Given the constantly changing nature of the situation, we strongly encourage you to call the clinic before driving.


We thank you for your understanding in this difficult time, and due to the fluidity of the situation we will continue to provide up to date information via our website.


Stay Healthy,

The Brenart Eye Clinic Team

More About Myopia

Myopia, or nearsightedness, occurs when the light entering the eye doesn’t focus correctly on the retina causing distant objects to look blurry. This refractive error is typically corrected with glasses and/or contact lenses.  Monitoring the progression of myopia is imperative when your child begins showing potential for developing high levels of nearsightedness that would not only require them to wear thick, corrective eyeglasses, but could also leave them more susceptible to serious eye problems later in life, such as early cataracts or even a detached retina.

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