You may have heard a lot about contact lens wear and COVID-19, unfortunately a lot of what’s out there isn’t interpreting the data accurately, so Dr. Rob Brenart wanted to answer some questions you may have.

Contact lenses won’t cause you to catch COVID-19.
Eyeglasses are not an effective droplet barrier to protect you from COVID-19.

The entire discussion revolves around touching your face and washing your hands. Some people will rub their eyes more frequently when they have contacts in, other people will constantly take glasses on and off for different tasks or to clean them (ever wear your glasses on a drizzly day?).

Touching your face between hand-washing is the actual risk, you need to assess whether glasses or contacts cause you to touch your face more and do what is right for you. That said, if you do develop a cold, flu like symptoms, or red eyes, contacts are never a good idea. Many viruses can be measured in your tears when sick and you do not want that to get trapped in the contacts.

Stay safe and healthy, never hesitate to reach out and ask us if you have eye health questions, and we look forward to seeing you as things return to normal!

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