Orgreen Optics

For 25 years, they’ve been building a community of makers, vendors, and customers that believe in quality as the foundation for good design. Titanium, acetate, stainless steel, and polyamide are the materials we transform into refined collections. Innovative designs, timeless silhouettes, vibrant colors.

Ørgreen color
With Ørgreen products, every component is artisanal – even the color. For two decades, we have developed unique color stories with our dedicated in-house colorist, who draws her inspiration from art, design, and nature. These are imaginatively applied to our technologically innovative titanium, acetate, and combination products.

Brenart Eye Clinic Carries 5 Lines of Orgeen!

The Quantum High Collection
3D printing stand for design freedom as complex shapes and striking structures previously cost- prohibitive or just impossible to produce using traditional techniques, suddenly become possible. The technology offers an enticing opportunity to design frames that function differently. that change wearer experience and offer enhanced comfort and fit. The collection sees 3D printed polyamide fronts paired with 1.2mm wide beta-titanium temples using an innovative in-house hinge design. Mixing a muted palette for the textured polyamide with a touch of vibrancy on the temples creates a series of unique color combinations and a sensory juxtaposition in both aesthetics and feeling.

The HAVN Collection
embodies craftsmanship and playfulness. Realized in supreme stainless-steel it combines Ørgreen’s metal expertise with modern design features and colour application techniques. The collection pairs a palette of bright and daring hues on frame fronts with its signature step-down construction, emphasizing proportions and profiles by use shape-in-shape outlines, architectural lines, and engraved patterns. While style names are taken from boats and yachts, the collection is entitled after Ørgreen’s local headquarters area, Christianshavn, referencing the brand’s Copenhagen roots.

The Acetate Collection
explores complex color stories – carefully uniting shades and introducing original combinations, each acting as a fundamental design component for a specific style. ØRGREEN ACETATE comprises a dynamic range of contemporary silhouettes. While some cite modern interpretations of classical shapes, others sport a more radical experimentation with form – each displaying unique and eclectic color stories.

The Imaginary Lines Collection
re-interprets premium quality Japanese titanium, bringing Ørgreen’s metal expertise to its thinnest and most minimalist expression. A growing portfolio of timeless silhouettes realized in a selection of vibrant and muted hues. Balancing comfort and design, IMAGINARY LINES offers a range of dynamic, and highly wearable styles for any forward thinking audience.

The Sheet Titanium Collection
Minimal colorations, comfort and durability are key feature of this collection. Made in Japan, our classic and extensive sheet titanium frame is a minimalistic piece of craft generated through 100 different processes and designed to withstand the passing of time as in best Danish design tradition.

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