Optometric Vision Therapy is a prescribed program of vision procedures performed under doctor supervision to help improve visual comfort and efficiency. It is supported by ongoing evidence-based scientific research. Vision therapy develops the visual skills of eye movements, teaming, and focusing. It can also change how a patient processes or interprets visual information by improving visual spatial, visual analysis, and visual motor integration ability involved in learning. Vision therapy is used in amblyopia (lazy eye) treatment and can help improve control of strabismus (eye turn). Patients with visual symptoms following acquired brain injury often benefit from Neuro-Vision Rehabilitation, a form of vision therapy, as well. The goal of therapy is not to strengthen eye muscles themselves, but to enhance the neurological pathways involved in attaining clear, comfortable vision. At Brenart Eye Clinic, Dr. Tonya Tira is pleased to offer both Optometric Vision Therapy and Neuro-Vision Rehabilitation programs for our patients.