“The song “I can see clearly now…” was in my head as I left today. This was my second visit to Brenart. I found this office by polling the 60+ people I work with and Brenart Eye Clinic was recommended the most.” – Erin K. Verified Customer

“The eye care clinic is extremely comprehensive. They take care of every detail during your exam. The Dr’s are friendly and knowledgeable.” – Donna A.

“My long-time eye doc retired and I went to Brenart based on a friend’s recommendation. Office is great, doctor was friendly and knowledgeable.” – Jay S.

“This is by far is the most beautiful eye clinic that I have ever visited and they are extremely professionally staffed and they are very very efficient and quick. I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking real optometric attention and truly there is not much difference pricewise between them and any of the big box so-called clinics. And their selection is far superior if you were looking for stylish eyewear. I would recommend nowhere else to go for all of your needs related to vision care!” – Dawn Lucavs

“I would not hesitate for one second to tell you to run, don’t walk, run to see Dr. Nicole Zangler if you are having any problems with your vision. One quick phone call and she has worked out a game plan and completely set my mind at ease. Thank You Thank You Thank You Dr. Zangler!” – Sharon Brummel White

“Great service. Always get my prescription perfect. I drive all the way from Arlington Heights to come here and it is totally worth it.” – Jim Martinec

“We have been patients of Brenart for over 5 years. Great service, they have a passion for eye care no matter what your insurance is. LOVE their stock!” – Alejandra Fuentes