Glamour and Sophistication

Nothing is more classic than Tiffany. Tiffany and Co. began in 1837 in New York City, when Charles Lewis Tiffany envisioned a style and brand that revolutionized the world of beauty. He focused his passion for diamonds into the most amazing pieces of jewelry that had ever been created. Today, Tiffany and Co. brings its historic excellence and style to the world of eyewear. The essence of Tiffany is seen in every optical and sunglass frame that bears its signature “Tiffany Blue” aqua color, key, and heart. Some frames offer sparkle in the form of Austrian crystals, while others offer a more contemporary style with Tiffany Blue accents strategically placed along the frame.

Tiffany is style, grace, and class. There was no way that we couldn’t offer Tiffany to our customers. We absolutely had to have them at our clinic and we are so glad we made that choice. Our patients absolutely love the Tiffany eyewear line. Besides, what girl doesn’t love that Tiffany blue?