Liberty Sport

For nearly a hundred years, Liberty Sports has been producing superior frames and lenses to handle the rigors of sport. Built to perform under demanding conditions, their products set the standard for sports eyewear and Rx. Whether you are looking for a durable pair of glasses for your active lifestyle, or “virtually indestructible” glasses to withstand your child’s everyday adventures, Liberty Sport should be your go-to.

At Brenart Eye Clinic we understand the importance of your child’s eye safety and protection. We also understand that children will be children, and you need something to withstand the daily demands your child’s active lifestyle will put on them. This is exactly why we love Liberty Sport. We believe that since safety and durability are so very important, we should offer a frame line that includes both very important qualities.

Are you a Pickleball player? Don’t compromise your vision protection. Pickleball pros “play it safe” by having the right eyewear. We have some great promotions on Rec Specs by Liberty Sport! 🥎 Check out ALL we have in our optical shop! 🏓


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